CARENE ESSENTIAL BLACK PEN GT (Fountain Pen (Fine/Medium))

Sale priceRs. 23,000


WRITING MODES Fountain pen, rollerball, ballpoint The Rollerball version is also compatible with ballpoint and fiber-tip refills.

NIB 18K solid gold (rhodium-plated for ST versions) Maker’s mark on nib Standard nib grades available in fine and medium Other nib grades (EF, B, Stub, OF, OB) are only available by order

BARREL Lacquer (DeLuxe, Essential Black and Gold, Contemporary: Black and metal and White and metal versions) / Silver plating (Essential Silver version) / PVD finish (Contemporary versions)

CAP Silver-plated (DeLuxe and Essential Silver versions) / Gold-plated (Essential Black and Gold version) / PVD finish (Contemporary versions

TRIMS Palladium finish (ST versions) / Golden finish (GT versions)


• Assertive design with marine inspired lines: Sleek, rounded, curved lines

• Inset nib in 18K solid gold nib

• Distinctive bevelled barrel button inlaid with a black lacquer bead

• Classic elegance of the Essential versions: undulating chiseling on precious metal (gold- or Silver-plating)

• Modernity of the Contemporary versions: geometric chiseling on PVD finish featuring “titanium” tints

• Articulated curved clip • Twist mechanism for the ballpoint

• Made in France • Assembled by hand

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