Lord Shiva Back Flow Shivling Smoke Fountain Incense Holder with 10 Incense Cones

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  • About Shiva Backflow incense Burner - Lingam referred to as linga or Shiva linga, is an abstract representation of the god Shiva in Shaivism.The original meaning of lingam as "sign" , which says "Shiva, the Supreme Lord, has no liuga, liuga meaning he is transcendental, beyond any characteristic and, specifically, the sign of gender.
  • The Incense backflow cones holder Waterfall, also known as a Backflow Burner, is a ceramic holder with which special incense cones are used. When you light these cones, the smoke glides along the burner to the bottom. It looks like a mountain with a streaming waterfall. Pretty cool!
  • Incense Waterfall cones are partially drilled through from the bottom to just under the tip. This causes the smoke to stream back down through the cone instead of upwards. The ceramic burner has a small hole in the top where the smoke can slip through and cascade down to the bottom.
  • Many cultures attach special meaning to waterfalls. They often stand for refreshment. The cascading water is interpreted as washing away negative energy. In this way the waterfall helps us to let go of problems, people, negative feelings, and difficult circumstances. For many people waterfalls are a source of inspiration and relaxing surrender.

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