Parker Vector Matte Black GT Roller Ball Pen

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The Parker Vector Matte Black GT roller ball pen is one of the classy models available in the Vector Matte Black GT collection of office accessories. The stylishly designed Parker roller ball pen has a black surface with a matte finish which gives it a majestic look. The tube shaped body of this Parker Vector Matte pen grows thinner towards the writing end and provides and comfortable hold to write with. The elegantly designed Parker pen has a shiny grip that adds a lot to the overall design by making it more appealing. The cleverly designed cap of this Vector Matte roller ball pen has the Parker brand name neatly crafted at the tip. The lustrous clip attached to this cap allows you to hook the Matte Black GT pen to your shirt pocket when you are not using it. The Parker GT pen comes with a replaceable roller ball refill that can be easily removed and swapped with a new one when it runs out of ink. The strong tip of this Parker pen writes smoothly and helps in enhancing your writing style. The continuous flow of blue ink from the Parker pen allows you to write long scripts for hours at a stretch without blotting the paper. The Vector Matte pen comes in a secure blister packaging which protects the pen from getting damaged or scratched. This Parker Vector Matte Black pen is a perfect accessory if you want to make an impression in the competitive world of business.

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