PERSPECTIVE BLACK CT Fountain Pen (Fine/Medium)

Sale priceRs. 10,000


  • Body Color: Black
  • Made of Metal
  • Pack of 1
Once you fall in love with writing, there is no turning back. It is never by choice that you give up this art. But if you have, then what better way to get back on track than the Waterman Perspective Black CT Fountain Pen? With an urban design that is hard to ignore, the pen has a magnetic combination of deep black lacquer and chrome-coloured trims. Incorporated with a stainless steel nib, the pen flies across paper, recording thoughts that zip past your mind with the smooth trace of rich ink that streams through effortlessly. The pen gives you a consistent flow, putting your thoughts onto paper in beautiful writing. And once you are done writing, put it back in your pocket and fasten it securely with the jewel-like clip.

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